Palfinger Delivers NZ’s Biggest Knuckle Boom Crane


The brief was simple Tom Ryan wanted the biggest crane capacity possible fitted onto the front of a tractor unit, and remain below the legal on road axle weights..

As always the crane tare weight was a critical component for the choice of crane.

The crane PK92002SH F crane and PJ125E fly jib combination chosen gives the maximum lifting capacity and reach with the lowest tare weight available.

The Palfinger “SH” series of cranes have the most up to date features of innovation and safety available in the knuckle boom crane market, and is simply practical and attractive.

The Palfinger PK92002 SH crane delivered to Tom Ryan includes features and benefits that surpass all others.

  • A Rexroth Load sensing control valve and pump system to combine power, speed and retain precision operation.
  • Continuous slewing system giving faster loading cycles
  • A 12 degree reverse articulation on the outer boom, to make working under doorways and inside buildings easier.
  • Maintenance free extension boon system saving time and money
  • A folding winch system that is low height for working inside and transport with the boom unfolded with a capacity up to 10 tonne in a 4 line setup.
  • An electronic soft stop damper gently brakes crane movements when approaching the end of cylinder travel, avoiding jerky movements and load impacts while giving the operator more gentle and precise control.
  • HPSC (High performance stability control) the computer will adjust the cranes capacity based on the stabiliser legs positions, so the customer has the maximum capacity without compromising stability.
  • AOS (anti oscillation suppression) dampens the load induced shocks during movements
  • The Radio remote control in combination with Palfingers latest PALTRONIC150 overload protection system sets new standards in operator friendliness and feedback directly to the operator on the radio remote screen.

The crane itself has a lift capacity of 17,800kg at a reach of 4.4m, and 3750kg @ 17.8m. When the fly jib is fitted this versatile unit can lift 860kg @30.5m. Incorporate the 2.5 tonne winch and it is the biggest and most versatile Palfinger in NZ.

Tom Ryan Cartage (TRC) was established in 1979 with a single Bedford truck. Today, nearly 30 years later, it encompasses a fleet of over 260 of the industry's most modern trucks and units operating from two key locations in Auckland & Christchurch.

TRC is owned and operated by Tom himself, and is now established as one of New Zealand's most respected transport groups providing quality driven, reliable and cost effective transport solutions tailored to its client’s needs.

Tom has a fleet of 105 trucks and trailers operating mainly in the North Island, amongst the fleet there are 62 crane trucks in TRC colours and different customer colours.

Back in 1997 Tom Ryan purchased what was the largest Truck mounted crane in NZ (a PK66000) and has a PK72002 and PJ170 fly jib still giving good service after 10 years of operation.

The company now takes back the mantel of having the largest Truck mounted crane operational in New Zealand.

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